Industrial Automation Control

Data acquisition and Control


Programming for electronic test and instrumentation

Create custom solutions with LabVIEW to integrated development environment

Data Management and Analysis

Proper data management and analysis help reduce test cost across the design  and make engineers make data-driven design improvements.

Data Acquisition Hardware

Accurate Precisely Timed Data You Can Trust

 The superior analog design quality of NI measurement products and proprietary technology, such as the STC3 timing chip and FPGA drivers, delivers the accuracy you need to trust your data. CompactRIO provides a modular, signal-conditioned architecture that gives you direct sensor connectivity, no matter your application requirements. Some CompactRIO Controllers also support Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), an update to standard Ethernet. With TSN, you can simplify your system setup by precisely synchronizing devices over the network. TSN also enables traffic scheduling on the network for the deterministic, low-latency transfer of time-sensitive data.